Hypochondria or Hypochondriasis

What is Hypochondria?

Quick Summary:

The mood disorder commonly known as hypochondria is also called hypochondriasis or health anxiety. This disorder of the mind causes the sufferer to believe that real or imagined physical symptoms are the result of a serious disease. Often no amount of reassurance, even from medical professionals, can convince the hypochondriac that no disease is present. The fear and worry that the sufferer experiences is far out of proportion to the actual risk. Minor aches and pains are interpreted as clues of grave illnesses, such as cancer or AIDS. Pyscho-somatic symptoms may also be present. No specific cause is associated with hypochondria. An estimated 6% of the public suffers from this disorder.

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Symptoms of Hypochondria:

Additional Information:

Hypochondria is experienced by both men and women of all races and age groups. Most cases respond to treatment under supervision of a professional. Depression and anxiety brought on by hypochondria will also be resolved with treatment. Hypochondria may be highly related to Somatization Disorder, a chronic condition marked by physical complaints which cannot be attributed to any disease. It is believed the physical symptoms are triggered psychologically, although other explanations have been suggested, including poor posture.

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Books on Coping With Hypochondria

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