Popup-Free Alternatives!

Did you know that there are FREE services that offer Web space, URL redirects, and file storage that do NOT have Popup Ads ?!?! Yes, this is true! Don't waste your time on GeoCities, or Tripod. Why make your visitors suffer with Popup Ads? So, what are you waiting for? Move your homepage today! Here is a listing of places you can go:

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W56 Advanced Redirect http://w56.org/ W56.org/YourPage, handles up to 10 URLs, redirects randomly, only redirects to running pages, password protection for your pages You can have up to 10 different mirror sites, and the service randomly redirects to each one. Every 12 hours it checks which sites are alive, and if they are dead it will not direct to that site - and also "flags" it (as dead) for for you !
CJB.NET http://www.cjb.net/ Subdomain address - yourname.cjb.net, no advertisements, path forwarding, URL cloaking, mail forwarding, mail aliases, web mail, guestbook, forum These guys have been around for a long time! The original 'free URL redirect'. Tons of features, and very reliable - you can't go wrong here.
da.ru http://www.da.ru/ Subdomain address - yourname.da.ru, WWW forwarding, DNS-zones support, URL masking, English and Russian They do not tolerate MP3, Warez, Hacking, Cracking or Porn sitez

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RedRival http://www.redrival.com/ 20 megs of space, no ads, hit counters, FTP access, File Manager This truely is a great service! All the benefits of hosting - with NO strings attached.
ProHosting http://free.prohosting.com/ 15 megs of space, no ads, 1 FTP account, CGI access A good service. These guys used to have Popup ads, but they converted. If you are planning on eventually getting your own domain, they can host it for you. They make the transfer from free to paid hosting really easy.
CyberCities http://www.cybercities.com/ 25 megs of space, no ads, FTP access, free email, e-commerce support They claim that they: "are committed to AD-FREE SURFING."
Dreamwater http://www.dreamwater.com/ 30 megs of space, no popups, guestbook, chat, form email, pagebuilder, clipart, templates, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hits Seems like a nice service - anyone who has an account there care to comment?
Free Speech Internet Television http://www.freespeech.org 25 megs of space, no popups, access to a RealServer (for Real Video or Audio content) Nice service for free access to a Real Server. There are some limitations on tech support, bandwidth, number of streams, URLS, etc. Visit their site.
QSL.NET http://www.qsl.net/ Free Web space, URL forwarding, FTP access, Free Email Available only to licensed Amateur Radio Operators. If you have a Ham Radio license - check them out! A great amateur radio community site.
Areal City http://www.arealcity.com/ ???? They offer free homepages and email. If anyone who has a page there knows the stats on what they offer let me know.
Portland Communications http://www.portland.co.uk/ 15 megs of space, CGI access, FTP access, no popups, subdomains, existing domains Located in the UK - they do not tolerate adult or illegal (MP3, warez, crackz) sitez.

Still want more? Here is a comprehensive listing from FreeWebspace.net of WEBSPACE WITHOUT ADVERTISING.


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