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Only Yourself To Blame

Who are you to talk about friendship
Who are you to accuse
Who are you to pass your judgments
On the ďfriendsĒ you only use
Who are you to cry
And who are you to complain
Sometimes I think you think
You are the only one who feels pain
Everybody stop what you are doing
Because Jenni is upset
The world does not circulate around you
Donít you get it yet?
And you have nobody to blame
But yourself
For the way you always seem to
Disregard everyone else
You want to bitch because
For once you couldnít be there
Get it over it
Because nobody really cares
You havenít been around for weeks
No one has seen your face
So who are you to demand
Anything in the first place
Who are you to stand there
And talk about what it is to be a friend
Plenty of people accept me
Just the way I am
But I have heard so many whispers
Circled around your name
About the way youíre different
About the way you changed
About how fun you used to be
Now all you can do is complain
You arenít the only one with problems
And you arenít on everyoneís mind
Get over it because
Itís just a waste of time
This stupid shit is beneath me
Itís beneath you too
And the only one who really cares at all
Seems to be you
The only time you want to be
Around any of us
Is when itís all fun and games
Because you donít really care that much
Please tell me why we should care
When it is obvious you do not
You have your little Prendie whores
Just walk away, you wonít be stopped
Because Iíll be damned
If I let YOU make ME feel guilty
As you whine constantly
And drown in your own self-pity
Maybe if you stopped acting like a baby
And if you brought this stupid shit to an end
Youíd have just a few more willing
To call themselves your friend
You arenít the only one with problems
And you arenít the only one who feels pain
And if people donít like you or donít want to be around you
You have only yourself to blame

For Jenni

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