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In my heart hides a secret so deep,
In my heart, hides a secret only I can keep.
A secret only I would understand,
A secret that must be kept underhand.
If let out, it could do disaster,
Crying out would spread it faster.
The secret I must say is still here,
Even though it's always near.
I will tell the secret though,
To only those who will not go.
Who will not go and tell everyone,
But who will keep it under their thumb.
My secret hidden so deep, is one that I must keep,
But I'll tell you of it and you will weep.
So do not tell the secret you must keep.
Now then the secret is, I must say,
Is that I have loved you always from that day.
I have loved you since the day we first met,
Loved you since you were kept.
Kept in my heart and so I wept,
Wept for you to be my love.
For you to be my angel, sent from above.
But you are just a friend to me,
And so I know you'll never be on bended knee.
But if one day you do see, that I love you,
I can only hope that you will love me too.
And if that day never comes,
I'll wait for you always.
Always and always I will wait, for I love you deeply.
And that is the secret kept deep in my heart,
The one that keeps us far apart.
I hope one day you see me as I see you,
For if you do, I will always be waiting for you.
I love you.

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