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.For My Josh.

At first we were just acquaintances,
never really friends
We were too young to understand what love was
Plus we didn't really notice each other
We were too busy with other people
Sure, we spoke a few words to each other sometimes
But we never had a real conversation

I remember the time that you comforted me
when I was crying
You were so sweet then
Even at such a young age
But it just took me a while to realize that

As we got older, we both started changing
I became a completely different person
I was no longer that shy, quiet girl
I became more confident, more sure of myself
You started paying more attention to me

The first time you called me,
I didn't quite understand
I just thought that you were being nice
I really didn't think anything of it at first

But as time went on
We started talking more and more
Everyday we learned something new about each other
Soon, we were best friends
But best friends was all I wanted to be
You always wanted to be more than that
But I always had other guys on my mind
Sure, you were my best friend
But I didn't think of you as a boyfriend

I finally decided to grow up
and think about some of the things I had done
that just weren't right
I started thinking about the people
that were most important to me
And the first person that came to mind
was you
The way you had always been there for me
throughout everything
The way you always listened to my problems
and never got mad
The way that you took care of me, and looked out for me
That's when I realized, that I was in love with you
I must have known deep down in my heart the whole time
But I was just too scared to notice it
And now I thank God for sending a wonderful person like you to me
You are the one that I truly love
The one that I have been praying for my whole life
And I want to thank you so much for everything
Thank you for being you...

Jan. 14,2002-5:25 P.M.

Josh...I love you are the best person in my life and I want to spend the rest of my life w/ you...

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