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Listen close, for the words go round and round!
(Jul 11-03) The Ballad of Loretta the Lemming
(Jun 27-03) The Ballad of Todd the Todler
(Jun 26-03) Solemates
(Feb 10-03) A Valentines of Errors
(Jan 17-03) Ode to Uni
(Nov 4-02) The Ballad of the Minstrel and the Merchant
(Oct 30-02) Betrothed
(Sep 4-02) Malarok Reflekts
(Sep 4-02) Aehgts' Lament
(Sep 3-02) A Tail of Three Tyrants
(Sep 2-02) Graffiti on Fleshskulptor's Monolith
(Sep 1-02) Praises
(May 29-02) December
(May 29-02) November
(May 29-02) October
(May 29-02) September
(May 29-02) August
(May 29-02) July
(May 29-02) June
(May 15-02) May
(May 7-02) The Ballad of Beatrice's Buttocks
(May 7-02) The Ballad of Blue Skye
(Apr 27-02) April
(Apr 20-02) The Hunt
(Apr 19-02) War Chant of the FASG
(Apr 16-02) Gum!
(Apr 13-02) March
(Apr 5-02) Teen Angst
(Apr 4-02) Cruci-fiction
(Feb 26-02) February
(Feb 24-02) January
(Feb 21-02) Battle Hymn of the Idiots
(Feb 18-02) It happens
(Feb 15-02) Not un-Litotey Verse
(Feb 8-02) A Simple Breakdown in Communication (Ghazal)
(Feb 8-02) Sonnet for Asquith
(Feb 5-02) Lament of the Cold
(Feb 4-02) Ode to Rain
(Feb 1-02) A Sigh
(Jan 7-02) Oh deer.
(Jan 7-02) Sonnet for Jenna
(Nov 10-01) Short, merry untitledness
(Nov 7-01) The Rhapsody of Ages, Movement 3, Minioncry
(Nov 7-01) The Rhapsody of Ages, Movement 2, Minionsong
(Nov 7-01) The Rhapsody of Ages, Movement 1, Miniontale
(Nov 7-01) An Affirmation of Identity
(Oct 31-01) Resolutions, Movement 5 of the Weaver's Cycle
(Oct 31-01) Confrontations, Movement 4 of the Weaver's Cycle
(Oct 30-01) Another Day, Movement 3 of the Weaver's Cycle
(Oct 30-01) Reflections of Grandeur, Movement 2 of the Weaver's Cycle
(Oct 30-01) Lamentation of the Wyld, Movement 1 of the Weaver's Cycle
(Oct 30-01) Let Her Go
(Oct 30-01) Requiem for the ill at Heart

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