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~My heart is taken~

There is something
That only he has
There is something
That only he can touch

He has a heart of gold
That keeps me going back for more
He has a key
That can only ever open me up
He has the lips
That can only ever kiss mine
He has the arms
That can only ever hold me
He has the only smile
That can only ever keep me happy all day long

As time goes on
I feel more and more
Each time i can talk to him
I hear and see the world pass me by
As i am with him
But it doesn't bother me
Even if it means
To let everything else keep
Happening as long as i am with him

He takes my heart
And wont break it
I know that he keeps it with his own

He shows me love
In so many ways
The times he does
I melt away at them

The times he proves
His love
He shows me so much
More than i could ever expect
From just one guy

But he is my lover
He is the one i trust with everything
He shows me everything in a diff
Point of veiw
And he respects my decisions
And he sticks up for me
And keeps me safe and warm
When i am in trouble and cold

I love Justin
And have for the time since we have
Known eachother
Never knew what would become of us
And here i am
In a relationship
With one of the greatest guys
And he gives me
Everything I will ever need
And loves me to no extent
And tells me that he loves me
And will go through everything i am going through
With me and make sure everything will be alright
And to be truthful
I'm not losing him now or ever
I love him like no one else
And will show him
Because Justin means the world to me


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