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~Just Show Me The Way~

~Just Show Me The Way~

Hey cutie
How have you been
How are you doing
How is mom
How is dad

I asked as
You walked back
In that door
You smile
And grace me with your
Presence and tell me
That mom is fine
Dad is mad
And your doing okay

And you give me
The biggest hug
And hold me
Longer in your
Arms then ever
And i feel a tear run
Down your cheek
And until my shirt
As another one falls

And i pull away and
Notice a change
In your eyes and face
Full of pain and sorrow

And you look away
Ashamed of your
Because you were taught
A grown man was not
To cry whatever the cost

And i whisper its okay and hold
You tight as
You shake and shiver

And i cant tell
What is wrong
Or what has happened
But as if i can read your mind
I tell you it will
Be better as i hold you tight
Not letting you go
As the moonlight drifts in the distance

And i dont care
How late it gets
As long as i
find out what happened

And before you
Move you whisper
Please show me the way
To a better life
Than what is to become
Just show me the way~


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