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~Just Because Of Love~

The first day
We met
You took my
Hand and put it
In yours and
Showed me the
World through
Differn't eyes

Then you held my hand
Tightly and
Walked with me
Having long walks
In the park
And on the beach

And whispering
In my ear
Little things that
Made me smile
And making
Me blush
Holding onto you
Knowing that we would
Be together forever
And ever

Then you took me
Home in your car
Pullig me up to
Your room
Telling me how special i was
To you
Telling me
How bad you
Needed me
And promising to always
Be with me
And that you
Wouldn't leave

You pulled me inside your room
Closing the door tightly
Holding me close
Not being able to
Keep our hands
Off eachother

That night
Was worth
And ment so much to me
I thought if
By that night
We were entrapped together forever
Never to lose one another

But everything changed
From that moment
We both proved our love
For eachother

You promised we
Would be together forever
But you started to
Change in your
Heat and soul
Expecting more of me
Than i could give
And getting angry
When i talked to other guys
And getting furious
When i didn't want to have you
Or when i would pick
School over you
And when i wouldn't be able to come over
Because i had to study

You started to scare me
When i would wake up
And see your
Reflection in my window
With a pain of anger in your eyes
And a twist of pain on
Your lips

Then I tried to
Talk to you
And you shoved
Me hard against
The wall
Telling me that
I ment the world to you
And that i wasn't getting it
You slapped me across the face
Telling me i was a slut and
A bitch

And at first
I believed your words
Letting them drown my head
I started to drop
Everything to be with you
My grades dropped
And i drifted away from
Everything i loved
Just so i wouldn't lose you

Then one night
I met up with a friend
I hadn't seen in years
You got mad
Telling me
That you would kill me
Unless i dropped the time with my friend
I didn't that time

And you waited in the bushes
By my house
Waiting for me to walk up them

I didn't see you
Far deep into them
Wearing a dark black shirt
Holding a knife

I walked up the steps
And my friend gave me
A kiss on the cheek
And you saw

You were angered and
Jumped out of the bushes
Grabbing the kid around the neck
Putting the knife to his throat
Telling him that
He better not come within
A hundred feet of me
Or he would kill you

He threw him hard against the ground
Pulling me hard to him
Smacking me
Telling me,
he would be the only thing
Ever that i would love

I tried to run
But he was too fast
He tackled me
Telling me he loved me
Throwing his hands all over me
Grabbing and tugging at anything he could
Get his hands on
As i cried
He moaned
Pressing himself inside me
Trying to tell me
That he did
It because he loved me

But i couldn't believe it
So i got help
And turned him
In to the police
He is serving his time now
Soon to be realsed
But now
When he is released
I wont be there
And i wont care
Because of the hurt and terror he put me through
I will never trust anyone
Knowing that someone
Can hurt another so much
Just because of love


i wrote this when i found out about what my friend mya was going through.....she had an abusive b/f ....so this poem is dedicated to her.....and may her b/f rot in hell.......
i cant possibly know what it feels like to have an abusive b/f.....and i hope i never have to go through what she has had too.....

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