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~Only As A Friend~

He watched her
Seeing her soft smile
Gleam brightly from her face

He watched her
Grow up
And turn into
A woman
And not just
That little girl he used
To play in the rain with

She started to have
Feelings for
And he told her it was wrong
And tried to take her love away

But she didn't let him
She just told him
To stay out of her life
And to move on

But he told her
He loved her forever
But she pushed him away
Because she didn't love him
As a lover
Only as a friend

He tried to tell
Her how much he loved her
But she told him
She couldn't love him
Because she loved someone else

So he shed a tear
And made her sad
But she didn't go back
On her word
And stood strong
Telling him
She couldn't love him
As a lover
Only as a friend


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