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I Remember You

"yeah, i remember you,"
you said
"you were wearing those
green cargo pants
and when you came over
i was
waiting for you."
no, i was wearing blue jeans
i longed to reply
and you were still in bed
i arrived to find a hastily or
perhaps sleepily scribbled note
on the door
inviting me in.

"yeah, i remember you"
you said
"i told you that i loved you
and i meant it
and that's why i left
because it's better for both of us
now that i'm gone."
no, you never said i love you
i longed to reply
you always just muttered
me too
and you're gone because you're
not because you care.

"yeah, i remember you"
you said
"we sat at the kitchen table
and sipped our drinks
and laughed the night away
before silently making love
in the darkness."
no, it wasn't making love
i longed to reply
it was hurried
and clumsy
and we never sat at the kitchen table
we just rushed to
get it done.

"yeah, i remember you"
you said
"who are you again?"

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