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Untitled (Distance)

*This poem in titled untitled on purpose because to me it is about the meaningless in the world that doesn't deserve a name.*

Behind a wall of silence,
Cold fury and distance.
There is more,
Than I wish to know.
In my puristic little world,
There is another me.
Behind the wall
Safe and yet unprotected.
Sometimes to face myself
Would seem harder,
Than tearing my heart out
To leave at your feet.
I try not to believe in fear.
But really I fear myself.
The destruction and the hate
Can take over, leaving me, far behind.
I wish for nothing,
But that peace could be eternal.
But I know inside
That destruction is what fuels,
My will to live.
Does anything really matter,
In the final turn of the wheel.
Or is it all left....
For destiny, to decide.
I wish too much.
I should accept.
That inside I'm not anything,
And don't really matter at all.

With Love.

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