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Your hate

The subtle touch of your hate,
I hold in my hands.
I let it feed from me.
Let it take away the light.
I want u to be perfect;
I want u to feel wanted.
I want u to hold love
As I, hold your pain.
If this day were dark,
I'd shine for u.
For all the things u should be,
I will u to live.
In a strange way I love u.
With not my heart but soul.
Even though I see the fire,
That soon enough will consume me.
I don't really mind,
For your hate goes well with mine.
It makes me feel stronger.
As if I, could defy destiny.
I can see the beginnings of a smile,
Light your face with radiance.
If I thought I could, I'd smile for you.
But your hate has detroyed my heart.

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