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The dark night of the soul.

The dark night of the soul.

Within the circle,
All is bound and foregone.
I begin to tell your story,
From before time changed.
Lost days within childish fury.
Nothing, was ever foretold
So I'm weeping for the vengeance of reality.
Hoping what you said, was never true.
This is a story of many things,
That could never have been and were unforeseen.
A story of the places you went on the dark days,
When I withdrew into the dark night of my soul.
Colours flying all around the chosen ones.
Acting, as some sort of foreshadow.
Silver singing raindrops, tears from the sky.
Falling steadily upon the ground, your grave.
So what have I to say...
But to forewarn, and ask, for you to forgive.
The two trees within my circle,
Sway in the whispering wind.

Don't forget what I said the last day.
And I'll try not to forget you're dead.

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