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Ancient Sorrow

If U had seen what I have seen
Would U refuse to believe in love?
If U knew what I know
Would U shy away from the world?
If U had to cut to prove Ur existence
Would U have the scars I have?
If U were responsible for the death of life
Would U be forever doomed?
I can't help but hide the hurt
Deep within the endlessness of my heart.
I can't help but disbelieve Ur friendship
Because its the only way I can live.
I've known for so long
That there is no such thing as truth.
I've known for longer than U've ever lived
That reality in itself is untouchable.
I can't help but remember the visions
And the Ancient sorrows, torture, guilt.
In the worlds despair, U will never See
For theres no way to understand.
My life may be the philosophies of pessimism
But my mind is free
Can I help but be influenced
By the deaths of so many souls?
One day, they'll call it genocide
One day, U'll understand the ancient sorrow.

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