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Yesterdays demons (The cold moon)

Lying here in the dark
I begin to realise
All the pointless things I've done
My life though endless as it seems
Has never had any meaning
And it wouldn't really matter
If today was the last day
After all, the cold moon is rising
And I get the feeling, she isn't smiling
Maybe shes like me and now knows
Shes only a reflector of anothers light, or life.

Out here in the burning light
I can see through closed eyes
The way many things could have been
But the past will always be so lost
So far away and meaningless
Would it matter to you
If today was the last day
After all the sun is setting
And fading into the soft pink clouds
Will the cold moon soon look down on me
And wonder how many days more to come.

Another day, another night
The same sun, and yet again the cold moon
Despite what i tell myself
Happiness isn't everything
I'd rather live in my own hell
Than in pure ignorance
After all the feelings of today are fading
I can count yesterdays demons another day.

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