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Standing at the Edge of nothingness

I stand at the edge of the universe
And wonder how far light reaches
I look out and see the darkness
But I am blind on the outside
You can't see the tears inside my soul

I stand at the edge of the world
And wonder how long my life goes on
I close my eyes, I've seen it all before
My heart doesn't weep for pain anymore
You think im cold, You can't see im lost.

Eyes are the windows to a persons heart
Your eyes are empty, mine are closed
Dark nights are my shadows
You're so sure ill never let go.

I stand at the Edge of my life
I don't wonder I know
My life is meaningless but for one thing
The only thing which softens my fall
How can I be different, if you're so sure im me?

I stand at the Edge
Theres no need to look
I know where I've been, I know where I'm going

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