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Metaphorical grave

People die,
Thats just the way it is.
And I guess,
We just have to go on.
Loss is indecipherable,
Theres no way to cover it up
Or make it better.
A grave is created,
Your grave is not physical.
I can't visit,
It doesn't exist.
You still walk past me
And acknowledge my existence.
But your life is blank,
To me you are dead.
And I would cry,
Or scream and yell
And insist you return.
But I know
That would be too much,
To ask of you.
So I guess,
I just have to go on.
Open my heart
To the grief so non-existant.
I think I know why
You've done this to yourself.
Is it better to be nothing,
Than the something
That was so meaningless?

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