fallen angel
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His hands

It seems that he shows up
After the lights go out
as Erin is fast asleep
for she is far to young
to understand why he does
what he does to me

He sneaks in so silently
as I pretend to be alseep
becuase that way he finshes it
so much easier that way
as he pulls my covers down so gently
as slides my green nightgown up

Than he begans to touch me
in places where no one else has
and if he awakes me
he thinks I am going to enjoy it
as I sing my favorite songs in my mind
and just wait for him to once again
leave me be and ignore me
untill he has the urge come again

After he has his feel
of making me feel so dirty
of touching me in places
and taking my viraginty and childhood
on another rotten night
I await the time to hear his light go out
so I can wash myself from this flilth
but it always seems that I feel
dirty afterwards to

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