fallen angel
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Cheer Up Girl

How come you always have to hang your head low
with a look of sorrow placed across your face
How come you can't be a bit brighter
and acutally learn to be
a tad bit smarter about
the apperance that you give the ones
that you know are watching you

How many times do I have to tell you
to look your best everyday
give a good impression
to all of those nice people
and it will say something about
the world that you come from
Give the rest of us a good name
don't only think of yourself
and your shit faced lies

cheer up my little girl
I hate to see you so down
it makes me feel like I am doing something wrong
it makes me wonder if I am
giving you everything that I should
if only you would tell me what was wrong
I swear that we could we work
to make everything better for you
you deserve the best
but the best is not here
and no one understands why
I cry myself to sleep at night
and all I can hear them say
is cheer up you litte bitch

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