fallen angel
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5 of us

It was just the five of us
Sitting where we always did
on this cold friday afternoon
A place where we could come and talk
and bitch about all the things
that made us mad in that week

Juliette is the leader of the discussion
her silent but thoughtful input always
inlightens all of us
As Lee Lights up a smoke
As we all know inside this is killing him
to not be the center of attetion

Sammer makes a smart ass comment
that shuts Juliette up
Lee knows this is his big moment
as he begans to tell us about
the most recent girl that has
caught his eye and he is obessed with
Zach rolls his eyes knowing that
This one will not last that long
As Sameer feeds Lee the attetion
That will make him even more antimaited
and slowly drive him out of control

Zach complains about Lee being to loud
and Lee responds by throwing a fry at him
As Sammer Laughs I roll my eyes
Disknowlaging his imature behavior
Juliette finds this as her big moment
to let out a big secret that she
has kept inside for so long

She reaches across the table and tells
Sammer that he is in love with her
and the table remains silent
Waiting for a response
that will effect us all so deeply
Fainlly without a word
Sammer reaches over and grabs Lee smokes
Just a virgain smoker trying to clear his mind from the thoughts
Lee begans to bounce up and down and laugh
As Juliette runs from the table
I give Sammer a dirty look
But I do not say a single word
Before I run after Juliette

Juliette has to admit to me
that she is crushed
she thought he really liked her back
and it hurts so much to know that
It was nothing more than a fake feeling
I stay with her untill she is ready to go back to the booth
than the two of us return toghter
with our heads held high when the boys can see the two of us

Sammer Apologizes and Juliette accepts
Although the look in her eyes tells me
that she wants a lot more than that
The five us sit in a uneasy silince
Lee lights up another smoke

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