fallen angel
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The All American girl

I see on the cover
of seventeen magzine
and it makes me sick
to see her standing there
with her picture perfect smile
and her long golden blond hair
with those bright blue eyes

This is what the All American girl
should look like
this is what she needs to be
to acutally get a date
and to be adored by others
so deeply and truely

This is your so called
All American girl
this makes me sick
how many girls
acutally look like this
how many times have I seen
them all over the media
strutting there stuff
like they don't even care
If they are fake
it was what the boys want

How many breast implants
does it take to be
that perfect little girl
how many times must
we have to see her
and feel sick
to our stomachs
to bad the media
does not look for real girls
instead of creating there own

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