fallen angel
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Lucky you
You have found yourself
a brand new friend
But how long will this one last
until you are all alone
and sad once again

Happiness so you say
is how you feel
at this moment
in your life
But it's not a thing
that you can buy
and you can't have it
through your friends
it is truely something
that you must work for

I don't understand how
you can be so happy
with all of those lies
that you tell
I don't know why
we always have to cry
and try to lose ourselves
in the world of happiness
that we all know it just
such a fake feeling
becuase happiness is not
the type of thing
that you can have
Hapiness is earned
and happiness is gained
until that moment
when you know that you are
just so ever happy
please quit lying
to us and yourself

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