fallen angel
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The ones we love

A simple peck on the cheek
Nothing much
to ever worry about
It was a innocnet
as they come
nothing to cry over
nothing at all

A letter
Letting me know
that he loves me so
Awwwh thats so sweet
A little innocent love
nothing to worry about
nothing at all

no he is getting gifty on me
isn't that cute he is bring me gifts
that shows how much
He really cares for me
Awwwh hes so sweet

Making out
thats okay
its not like anyone is ever
going to know
besides I am not a little girl anymore
and I am allowed to make
my own descions now
So its okay

Touching me there
okay thats to much
Now I am not going to
make love to you
I am not like that
back off you ass hole
just take me home
I don't want you around
me anymore
I don't need you
so just back off
and let me be

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