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In some dream I had

(I know this is a spring hill song but I wrote it and I think it is very poetic.)

Cast upon a slumber
Before the world wakes make up
I am just still living
Inside of a fansty world
Don't let me go yet
I am still attached to this place
don't let me leave yet
I am still feeling like I need some comfort

In some dream I had
I got washed away
All the lies I was told
Never meant to say
In some dream I had
I saw the truth
I was cheated on
then I was abused
But the blood keeps flowing
and my mind keeps wining
Yeah forget about all those people
that are still grining

So I am talking to myself
Does that make me crazy
So I am putting life off
does that make me lazy
am I nohting better
that what I thought I was
sometimes its kind of hard
to see the world through the fuzz

I could ask you
But you would not give me the truth
I could tell you
But I am to busy being abused
I am talking to myself
becuase I am the only one
who give me more than a five
then a five second answer
Just to have it done

(In Some Dream I had can be found as a B- Side to the Lucy single)

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