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Now Till Forever

I know that I may never,
Have a chance with you again.
But in my heart, I'll keep a smile,
Knowing that you're still my friend.

Through good times and bad,
I've stood by your side.
And even when the road was rough,
I stayed along for the bumpy ride.

Though you've moved on,
And up in your life.
You've managed to keep one thing
One thing I have lost.
And that would be your might.

Nothing seems to hurt you,
You never seem to cry.
And maybe come some rainy day,
You'll give me another try.

For the life of me,
I can't see why, every time I think of you,
I feel the strongest urge to cry.

Now my tears have shown,'
And you know exactly how I feel.
So I'll give it time and let it go.
But let's make each other one last dealů

We'll never forget how we felt for each other,
And never let go,
From now 'till forever.

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