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Along With the Rain

Upon a misty morning,
As the sun begins to rise,
I lye beside you here in bed,
And stare into your eyes.

This feeling rushes through my soul.
It's almost like it has control.

I wish that I could turn back time,
To when this wouldn't be so wrong,
To when you would have still been mine.
'Cause in these hours that have passed,
I have made a mistake that will forever last.

Mistake, what a sad word.
It shouldn't be so wrong for me,
To hold you and feel you,
And make you my world.

But I made a *mistake* and said yes just to try.
While I still loved you,
Now I wish I could die.

Because even though I was with him,
I was still said yes to you.
Because I thought that in your heart,
The love you felt for me was true.

We can no longer lye here together.
I wish that time would just stand still.
So we could hold each other in the darkness forever.

But it's just a wish,
It won't come true.
You'll probably never even know,
How much my heart still yearns for you.

As the sun rises higher in the sky,
You sit up in bed and I begin to cry.
For I know that you will change,
Once the sun uncovers the rain.
So next time you ask, I'll learn to say no
Even though I still love you so.

Then all these memories and all this pain,
Will fade away, Along with the rain.

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