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Together or Apart

Falling in love is so hard to do,
If you keep walking away,
When I say I love you.
And forgiving your sin,
Was my desperate attempt,
Of holding on to that love,
That I thought we had shared.
So what you'll never see,
Is that I really cared.
I could sit here all night,
And think of just what to say.
I could cry and weep and mainly pray,
That I could make your heart find mine.
So we could be in love,
Till the end of time.
But I've tried that before,
And Ended Back at the start,
With nothing to show but a broken heart.
So this time just go,
Maybe someday return.
But until then just know…
I won't wait for you forever.
To do so would be crazy.
Life is only so long,
It's so short it's amazing.
My life will go on,
That I can't stop,
So I'll have to be strong,
So I can make it to the top.
But in my heart you will always remain.
So while you're away,
Take these words to heart…
I'll love you forever, Together or apart.

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