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September 11, 2001

Iím trying to take in
All thatís going on.
People are dieing, grown men are crying.
And I donít quite know what to think.
Who would have thought this could happen?
We were so sure of our safety.
No one thought we could be touched.
But from the sky, without warning,
Terror was brought to our soil.
I never thought that in my lifetime,
I would see such tragedies uncoil.
Iím scared to think what will come next.
We canít just sit back and relax.
There must be justice,
We must react.
Lives were lost, landmarks too.
They canít be replaced or brought back.
And thatís the cold, hard truth.
And now they say weíll go to war.
And so more lives will be lost.
All I can think is ďNo, no, no more.Ē
No more guns,
No more knives,
And even if we win,
Is it worth more innocent lives?
I know I canít stop it.
Iím only one person.
Things will happen that I canít control.
This may take weeks,
Or it may take years.
It may end in victory or in defeat.
But guaranteed, there will be pain and tears.
As it is for me, it is for the world.
This is all slowly sinking in.
We may find as the future unfurls,
This war could be the means to THE END.

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