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Inhale. Exhale. . . and again.

A n d again.

Until you can't anymore. Until you can't breathe.

Inhale. Exhale.

(Breathing slower and slower.)
It gets harder and harder to keep your eyes open.
Your hands are trembling, and your heart is beating so fast that you feel it about to jump out of your chest.

You didn't feel like this before. Why now? W h y this time?

Too much smoke. (..but how?)
Too much yelling. ( want to leave now.)

Movement all around you. A hand reaches out and grabs you.

Y o u get yanked out the d o o r.

The smoke gets worst. The yelling is screaming now. You see flames. FLAMES! Then, you realize that the only one screaming is you.

( you get yanked out the door, and then you fall onto the floor. . .)

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