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*Another Suicidal Thought*

So the knife is on the dresser; the dresser's beside the bed. My patience is growing thinner, as there's no use fo rme to live. I only wish to be with him- nothing more and nothing less. But we can't be together, so I put myself to rest. Written in my blood, above where my body lies, is my tombstone on the ground, and this is what's inscribed:

"The blood came fast. It poured out from my heart. All the pain I felt, just tore me apart. no one understands, or even knows why. I was hurting so much, therefore I ended my life. He's all that I wanted, so wait is what I did. But time is short, and my time has been spent. I loved him more than anything; we were meant to be together. But now I am here, and will lay alone... forever."

By Jennifer Arnold

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