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My Suicide Note

Dear Everyone,
I loved ya'll, really. I swear that I did. So it may come as a shcok to you to see blood gushing from my head.
Look at yourselves, look at who you are. There's a little piece of me in every beating heart.
Ya'll will thank me for this one day. i know one day you will. It will only take a second, as long as I hold still.
BANG! It's loud. Everyone hurrys to the scene. "Call 911!" a woman shouts. But my life has been taken from me.
The ambulance will rush me to the hospital, but there's no use for medical help. "How's she doing?" they all will ask, "She doesn't look so well."
I'm dead you idiots! Can't you see it in my eyes? "We're doing our best, ma'am." I laugh at all their lies.
I'm speaking with the devil, as you try to save my life. There's no sense in even doing this, cuz I've already spent my time.
The shows over everyone! Soon I'll be doing what I love most. So this ends the life of me; this is my suicide note.

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