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The Gun

You promised me you wouldn't leave.
You swore you wouldn't go.
You left me this week;
how was I to know?

Good things never last.
What we had just wasn't there.
You kept saying 'I love you',
but you never really cared.

Take back everything you said,
cuz it didn't mean a thing.
We never made it to the altar;
we never exchanged our rings.

You made promises you couldn't keep.
Now I'm left here to cry.
Admit that you were wrong,
and that it was all a lie.

2 weeks behind us;
a million things to say.
Neither of us speaks,
we jut turn the other way.

Speaking, you make no sense.
I laugh at your every word.
It's over between us now.
I can't believe you haven't heard.

Lame excuses rolling off your lips.
'Jennifer this, and Jennifer that.'
As much as i want to,
i refuse to go back.

i wanna hate you so much;
I keep setting myself up.
You were the worst thing for me.
I thought we were in love.

Turn around;
just walk away.
Leave me alone.
I will be okay.

Now the tables have turned.
Don't leave me chasing the sun.
There's one bullet left...
and you've got the gun.

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