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Why did you ever leave me here all alone?
Was it because I was arrogant and selfish and other thing you couldn't condone?
Why did your careless words hurt so much?
Was it because when you said them all I could think about was your gentle touch?
Why couldn't we have tried harder to work things out?
Was it because in both our minds was to much doubt?
Why did I feel empty inside when I thought of you today?
Was is because without you I feel like I can't face the light of day?
Why is it when I look at something all I can see is your smile?
Is it because I can't get you off my mind not even for a while?
Why is it that without you everything seems wrong?
Is it because you have been my love for so long?
Why is it I feel so terrible inside?
Is it because without you I've lost all pride?
Why did you leave me in this state of dismay?
I know why...because we never loved each other the same way

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