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How Could you?

How could you? When all I did was love you
Was it easy to hurt me and break my heart into?
How Could you? It felt as if you ripped my heart out of my chest
Then you told me you weren't to blame and lied at your best
While you hed me near lifeless in your arm
You would never believe you had done me so much harm
How could you shatter my whole world and say you weren't to blame
I should have been angry at you to hear such a claim
And with my last breathe before I died
I looked in your eyes and said, "I still love you." and cried
As I stared weakly one single tear slid down your cheek
I tried to smile, but even that was weak
And before death's cold hands took me away
You looked at me and said, "How could I have hurt you this way

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