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We Faced It Together

Look how the years have flown by so fast
What was once the present is now the past
I look back on all the memories we shared
The times we cried, the times we comforted, the times we cared
We all faced it together
Even through the good and the bad weather
And as I look back, I canít hold back a single tear
I donít know how Iíll make it without all of you here
Now as the Class of 2002 comes to an end
I will remember you all as a friend
I will ponder all of these memories in my heart
Even when it feels like we are so far apart
As you all graduate from High School
Just remember I think youíre all cool
I wish you all the best of luck as you go away
And I hope to see you all again some day
We made it through the year 2002
Because we faced it all together like friends do
This is a poem that I wrote for my school yearbook, it was to be dedicated to the seniors and the theme was We Faced it Together.

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