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Was Forever To Long?

The days that were once so many have lowered down to a few
I will miss you so much, if only you know
I laid in my bed dreaming old dreams of what we once had
But then I woke up and a cruel reality hit and made me sad
We grew up together, you and me, we were never apart
Now the thoughts of you leaving me is breaking my heart
Everywhere I go and everything I see
Holds a special memory of you and me
You once said that forever we would be friends
But I guess forever was to long, and even it has itís ends
I take your hand and grasp it tight
I could no longer hold back the tears in this emotional fight
I bent over and kissed your hand as it turned cold
Your body became still, and I feared next what I would be told
And just then when I thought my heart couldnít take anymore
I looked up and what I saw almost scared me to my core
Your smile was so warm, although your face was so pale
My emotions were stirred and to my knees I fell
So I guess that means I was wrong
Forever means forever, and thatís never to long

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