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I Never Knew You

His eyes were gentle as a cool summers breeze to me
His smile was like a promise that was to good to be
He didnt need to ask, he already knew my name
This thought made me grimace in shame
He opened the book and turned the pages with care
But he and I both knew what would be there
He glanced at the page and then back at me
The hurt in his eyes was all I could see
With confusion and doubt, to my knees I fell
And then I felt fear that the next place Id be was hell
And just when I thought nothing could hurt me more
He looked at me with shame and said, Im sorry, I never knew you before.
I begged and pleaded with him not to send me to hell
But he didnt hear me, and it was to no avail
I screamed, Lord, Im sorry I never knew you but I was never told.
He replied, I tried to send people, but their hearts were too cold.
Before I left Earth, I gave a mission to all,
But some were selfish, and rejected my call.
I never thought I would feel such pain or shame
So go and tell everyone that knowing God is not a game
Dont let this happen to yourself or anyone you love.
Go and tell them so one day they will live in Heaven up above.
His mission that He gave us we still have today
One Mission Under God; Saving Souls Day By Day.

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