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Can You Love Me?

I stood for what felt like forever calling your name

But of course, as I suspected, you never came

I stumbled to the ground with tears on my face

I began wishing I was anywhere but this terrible place

So many memories we shared, I still remember them all

I tried to stand up only to once again fall

But that was always the best thing about you my friend

When I called, you always came, and stayed with me til the end

So why was it different this time you may think

Cause I messed up this time, and did it before you could even blink

I loved you, you were my friend, but I hoped you would be more

But when I told you, you didn't understand and walked out the door

You left me there calling your name, begging you to come to me

But you never came back, and never will, as I now painfully see

I lay here now sobbing my eyes out for you

I don't understand what I did wrong and what I should do

But I had to tell you or I know I would have gone insane

I guess sometimes love can only cause more pain

I'll never understand why you left, nor will I understand why I still love you

I want you to know that, and wherever you are I hope you can love me too

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