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A Drug Addicts Plea

When did my life get so complicated beyond repair?

When I took my first drug and threw away my life without care

Sure, other people tried to help me get my life right

But what if I don't want help, what if I don't want to fight?

I guess I shouldn't have taken that first taste

Maybe then I wouldn't have thrown away my life with such haste

Why did it have to be so easy, why did it feel so right?

I guess I'll never know the answer though I look with all my might

I bet the devil is laughing at me now, at how easy I was to play

If I only I had known that then, maybe things wouldn't be this way

It seemed so easy, I thought it would take away the pain

Now I know that nothing is that easy, and in every life falls a shower of rain

All my dreams, all my fantasies, have been taken away

Now all I live for is to pass the day

If only I had known, my life wouldn't be filled with such pain and shame

So I'll tell you from experience, life is precious, and should never be considered a game

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