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*YOU threw it away*

After last night
I could never again
Cherish our friendship as I once did
All the times we shared
All those memories that we had made
You just threw it all away
I donít know why
And I donít why it has to end like this
But I must turn my back on you
For real friends donít do this
They donít intentionally
Cause pain for you
I trusted you would always be there
Not even once did we fight
And you willingly let a boy come between us
The way I feel has obvious reasons I just cant help it
I have no choice
You threw our friendship away
And didnít even care
I was contemplating on if I could forgive you
Even though I knew it could never be the same
But now
Theres no way
So good bye
I refuse to stand by and watch
I guess I just had to much faith in our friendship
Now I wonder if us being friends even mattered to you
Or if it was just convenient at the time
But after five years
After all that
You let him come between us
How could you?
Im walking away now
And im not turning back
Even when that day comes that
He breaks your heart
and you realize chicks before dicks is said for a reason
Chicks will be there until the end
But guys they wont
And when he breaks your heart
Donít come running to me
Because all Iím gonna say is I told you so
With out any sympathy
After last night
I realized
My friendship doesnít mean a god damn thing to you
So good bye
When you wonder down they road
Why we arenít friends
Just remember how you did this
You choose to do this
Not me BUT you

*~~ This one goes out to you Carissa, to a sister i once had~~*

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