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Ironic Muse

Talk the logic right out of your head
And mumble at each pause
Either your words now don’t make sense to me
Or they’re muffled by your own applause

I see no somber in your eyes
Or shame from what you’ve done
I now think that you’re silent for fake disgrace
Or just shocked that you’ve finally won

Rescue me from your distress
Because I cannot forged phony compassion
Now that I’ve seen the unlit fire in your eyes
In marvel at what just happened…

A second, a minute? There is no time
Just to let you know your wrong
Because we’re all paralyzed by your arrogance
And transformed by your silent song

It seems to me such a useless cause
Let my words let you lose
My scared soldier, my stingless bumblebee
And my insignificant ironic muse

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