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What Happened To The Little Boy Inside

Mommy and Daddy say Iím getting older
And it is a frightening stage in time
I have seen new people
I have seen much better lives
I am now understanding happiness
I am now appreciating pain
I can now see the splendors of my life
And the revolt that it refrains
People say Iím getting taller
And I can see it too
I can stand higher than the bathroom sink now
Itís a wonderful pleasant view
Friends say I am getting sour
Mom and Dad also cringe seeing me grow
Into the mean and selfish bitter boy
That no one wants to know
The world has been rejecting me
Leaving me behind
Plus school has gotten worse for
Are all of these common sighs
Mother and Father say I should be happy
With this person I have been
And I thought I taught the little boy inside
That I cannot always win
Itís scary and itís frightening
Not to even know who you can be
Whether your happy or youíre miserable
Whether youíre captured or youíre free
I just hope that I am blissful
And I grow up with pure joy
And know that life has passed me by
And I am no longer that little boy

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