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Ashland Middle School

I hate Ashland Middle School
It is not a school; it is a detention of study
When will I excuse myself
Form this worthless custody
I always find myself wasting away
Listening to pointless lies
When will drawing and watching Disney movies
Help me through my life
I find myself trying to reach the outside
But swiftly I will fall
Having to look through the obvious holes
Embroiled in the walls
Someone please help me to escape
Even the teachers want to run
Having to break another fight after fight
Of you should visit, itís loads of fun
The principals and councilors
Cover it all up with gestures of respect
But clearly the school in and out
Looks as if a wreck
So clearly you can see pickle I am in
And the stress that I must face
But please donít think of me as this lazy pathetic kid
Because this really is a nasty place
So stop on by very soon
And soak up all my pride
That I have for the school I attend
That so clearly burdens me inside

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