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As You Stumble

Where should I start?
I canít even begin to describe the pain instilled within my mind
Every lie and empty promise that youíve made
Has developed a layer of spite and bitterness inside
You try to justify the pain youíve cause
By playing another round of blame
But as you try to tell the truth
It seems all things you say are dripping with a stain
You try to hide your secretive affairs
When you stumble over every lie you tell
And as another is brought down by another
You hide behind you defenseless shell
I donít even understand
The rules to the games you play
Because even as another apology in progressing
Itís put off to another day
I donít even know who you are anymore
You used to be such a godly host
But now youíve been so sabotaged
By the restraints of a lonely ghost
What is so different about this change?
It will only wear away along with the fogy promises you make
But as another temptation comes along
It will be open for the take
So why should I trust you?
Is there any hope left buried in my mind?
But will the trust Iíve built for you
Be brought down by another lie?
It seems only the truth can go so far
Have you made it to the edge?
But I wonder when you finally reach the top
Will you stumble over another ledge?

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