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I Can Only Pretend So Far

I can pretend to only love you
So your impressions of my suspicion are only quite so very narrow
But as another empty promise is told
I can only hold my announcements as far as another tomorrow
I can pretend to follow your wandering eyes
As they drift off into the inattentive fazes of your mind
I can only image how one single person
Could have such a sinister affect on so many lives
I can only pretend so far into your callow unawareness
That it makes me sicken at your sight of your desperate claims
Your forbidden distractions
Your callous deceiving smile
Only build up more and more of those blackened flames
I can pretend as far as your promises
That never make their way to my expecting feet
But then I crumble at the thought of your lies
Making their way onto the streets
I may only think of you as a desperate cry for help
Because I can only pretend so far
But then I realized your absent thoughts for others
Never make it to your heart

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