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Everyday Poeple

They’re the enemy
They are the ones who make us look strange
People who follow the crowd
Only because they’re afraid of change
They come and go like seconds
And every time you see them it’s something new
And if you do not run from the crowd
It will come after you
Their lives and personalities change like weather
Some are sunny and some are gray
And everyday is different
In some new unrefined twisted way
They mostly come like a virus
Something new just shows up and spreads around
Some enjoy happiness
And putting others down
And these everyday people
Become just more and more like the rest
They live their lives despite the unordinary
Which is bliss compared to happiness
And even as these packs of people
Walk around spreading their disease
I just cannot understand
Why they just don’t get up and leave
Only because these people
Have to judge the others in their lives
Which makes them want to be different
Cruel and unworthy wise
So maybe if we could all just be unordinary
And not provoke these fights
Maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems
Caused by these everyday people in our lives

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