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Unhappy Ending

My life really hasnít improved much
Ever since it began
Itís always just been the same thing
No matter where I stand
People enter and they leave my life
Within only a second of time
And I thought that you were different
One true friend of mine
You cannot just walk into my life
And move it around
As you stretch out all of my problems
And turn my life upside down
Never once can you just think
About me or anyone else
Walk into my life and cause all these complications
With only a thought for yourself
Itís times like these when that question
Suddenly makes itís way into my mind
ďWho are youíre true friends?Ē
And where do they stand in your life
I never thought I would be one of those people
That you feel bad for on TV
When all those fictional problems
Turn into and instant reality
When friends turn into different people
And say these hateful words
And turn around a stab a knife in your back
I just canít decide which is worse
And I know that friendship doesnít always last forever
And things donít always stay the same
But I never thought that if I were to lose you
My entire life would change
So even when the happiest stories
Donít have the happiest ends
I will always know that things donít last forever
And neither do your friends

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