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Family Photo

Gave into my family photo
Do you see a picture perfect life?
Along with the absence of drama
Arguments and fights
Gaze into that commercial
Hung up proudly on my wall
At first glance you see a blissful family
But inside there’s mostly flaws
Look at my family photo
Would you ever guess?
That packed into a copy of a wallet-sized picture
There’s more than artificial happiness
Would you ever guess that in this deceiving viewing
In this museum of lies
That there could actually be something wrong
With our picture perfect lives
Deep inside my family photo
Even when it can be torn up in many ways
That in the back round of this less than mediocre life
There proudly stands a day
A day when everyone is pulled out from behind their masks
A day when that commercial shatters
A day when all those lies built up upon us
Don’t even matter
So look at my family photo
Despite all the twists and twirls
And see that my “perfect” family
Doesn’t live in a perfect world

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