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Unforgotten Past

As I look so far back into my life
I get depressed
Realizing all the things I never had
And missed
And I look so far into my unforgotten past
That I stared you in the face
Seeing all the things that I knew before
But never replaced
And as you haunt my memories
I see you eyes stare into mine
Fooling me
Playing the same games
That you left buried in my mind
Always reminding me of my mistakes
That I never could take back
Never being able to change myself
Or the way that I act
Twisting with my emotions
Messing with my heart
Trying to pull me back
From what we arenít
Brainwashing me
Taking control
Of everything
That my heart canít hold
Trying you hardest
To wear me down
Pull my soul into the ground
Shaking my mind
Entering my thoughts
Winning all of the battles
That I never fought
Taking control
Of my uncontrollable life
Pulling me down
From all of your spite
Never once trying
To make things right
As you wear me down
Into the night

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